Caversham GLOBE

Caversham Globe 2008 Annual Report published

Trees planted last winter (Feb 2008) in Peppard Rd (2 oaks); Buckingham Drive (2 flowering cherries); Grove Rd /opposite St Barnabas Church (cherry & rowan); Kiln Rd/Caversham Park Rd triangle (hornbeam). Regularly watered these during the summer and carried out checks on earlier plantings to adjust/remove ties and trim back basal shoots where necessary.

Participated in the March 2008 RESCUE event – cleaned out the Vastern Ditch in Richfield Ave (a joint effort with the Bell Tower Community Association).

Wrote item to promote battery recycling (published in May 2008 Caversham Bridge).

Wrote items to promote tetrapak (drinks carton) recycling – with June & September mailings.

Kings Meadow flood works (in connection with Amersham Rd Children’s Centre).  Responded to this planning application, spoke at Planning Applications Committee and attended site meetings with RBC staff. Also subsequent meeting to discuss and agree remedial tree planting work.

Site Allocations Development Plan Responded to RBC consultation in conjunction with Caversham & Emmer Green Residents Associations.

Caversham Lock Island/King’s Meadow Baths Development Proposals Consulted with Steve Ward (Head of Parks, Sports & Recreation, Reading Borough Council) and submitted paper with comments to Cabinet and Culture & Sport Scrutiny Panel.

Parks & Open Spaces Held regular meetings with Ben Stanesby (Parks Manager) and other Parks Department staff to discuss various environmental issues affecting Albert Road Rec, Balmore Walk, Caversham Court, Christchurch Meadows, Henley Road Allotments, Hill’s Meadow, King’s Meadow, Thames Promenade, and Westfield Road Recreation Ground.

Deans Farm Lakes (Caversham Lakes) Discussed issues concerning the two Deans Farm Lakes and mineral extraction with Oxfordshire County Council staff.

Planning Applications Commented on Planning Applications in Bridge Street, Southview Avenue, Queen’s Road, Caversham Road, Paddock Road.

Liaised with other local community organisations including Caversham & District Residents Association (CADRA), Emmer Green Residents’ Association (EGRA), Reading Urban Wildlife Group (RUWG) and Bell Tower Community Association (Richfield Ave ditch clearance).

Volunteered to care for new beech tree at The Cloisters (planted autumn 2008)

Continue to attend and participate in meetings of the Reading Globe Alliance (TREGA) and the Green City & Open Spaces Forum.

Globe members continued to tackle graffiti around the Caversham area on an ad hoc basis and to send regular reports on graffiti to local police/council staff. We have also repainted many of the badly faded or graffiti covered green telcom boxes with paint supplied by NTL/Virgin Media.

Globe members continued to keep an eye on environmental issues throughout our area and to raise relevant issues with council staff as necessary.