RESCUE clean up across Caversham March 2011

A big “thank you” is due to twenty Caversham GLOBE supporters who invested 64 hours over 3 days to clear litter and fly-tipping during the annual RESCUE week.  You may have seen some of them in  The Warren,  Amersham Road playing field, Central Caversham, Hill’s Meadow, View Island, Grove Hill, Surley Row or  Eliot Close. Their collection included 80 sacks of litter,  34 car tyres,  4 car batteries,  2 settees, 2 rotary washing lines, 2 window blinds, a wash basin and toilet,  a chain saw, 2 shopping trolleys, 2 wheelie bins (one burned out), a TV  and various scrap metal/plastic.  Sadly this demonstrates that some members of our community see nothing wrong with fly-tipping of hazardous or general waste or discarding drinks cans, bottles, snack and food wrappers in our green spaces.

Caversham GLOBE is continuing to clear litter during the next few weeks. Do contact us if you would like to help or if you know of an area that would be improved by people who care passionately about our local environment.