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GetReading article on felling of 7 poplars in Christchurch meadows.

As most GLOBE members will know, Reading Borough council are preparing the Christchurch meadows site for the building of a new Pedestrian/Cycle bridge.

Getreading have written an article on their website which talks about the felling of 7 poplar of the 70 poplar trees that run along the meadow and George street.

The poplars have been removed to allow an access point for building vehicles to be created coming off George street into the park.

22.10.2014 RBC contractors preparing site access to Christchurch meadows via George street.
22.10.2014 RBC contractors preparing site access to Christchurch meadows via George street.

As mentioned in the Article, GLOBE has been part of the discussions regarding these trees. The line of poplars are a well known landmark in Caversham and can be seen for miles. Therefore GLOBE members have been pushing RBC to maintain this landmark.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

“According to the council, the row of poplars is around 30 years old and the trees, nearing the end of their safe life, are susceptible to disease.

Three trees fell during strong winds last winter.

The council has already held discussions with Caversham Globe, the Save Christchurch Meadows group and Reading Tree Wardens about replacing these trees with new Lombardy poplars.”

Source: Getreading website article.

The rest of the article can be read by clicking on the following link here.

Shopping Trolley Rescue

Shopping trolleys in the Thames – hazards for river users & wildlife

Three Caversham GLOBE activists resorted to a boat on the Thames in July 2012 with the aim of removing a wheelie bin and some shopping trolleys that had been spotted near Caversham Bridge. Over the course of the afternoon, with curious on-lookers, a total of 13 shopping trolleys were brought to the river bank as well as the wheelie bin. Some of the longer submerged trolleys were supporting river mussels, snails and weed. 12 of the trolleys were owned by Waitrose, indicating a problem that the Caversham store needs to resolve.  


Waitrose trolley rescued from Thames July 2012


Waitrose trolleys on Thames side Prom July 2012


Caversham GLOBE

Public meeting 6th August – Guest speaker: Ben Stanesby, Head of Parks (RBC)

Caversham GLOBE has arranged a public meeting at Church House, 59 Church street, Caversham. on Thursday 6 August 2009 at 7.15pm when Ben Stanesby, Head of Parks, Reading Borough Council (RBC), will give information on developments in our local parks & open spaces and also talk about the Council’s trees policy. There will be an opportunity to ask questions and discuss local concerns.  This will be followed by the regular monthly GLOBE meeting.