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Get walking or pedalling! – avoid reading bridge work delays

Caversham commuters are seeing increased travel times as they find that can’t drive over the Reading bridge due to strengthening works. The reading bridge is closed for two weeks from Monday, 18th May 2015.

Reading Bridge may be closed to Cars/Truck. But walkers can still use it.
Reading Bridge may be closed to Cars/Trucks. But pedestrians can still use it!

Well, I have some good news for you… The bridge is still open to pedestrians/bike users on foot…

So if you are going into reading or close by, why not ditch the car for the two weeks and save some time!

Plus, it will save you sitting in the traffic jams, while also saving fuel costs and giving you some nice health benefits.

PS: If you want to see updates on the Reading bridge strengthening progress, get reading have a page up here.


GetReading article on felling of 7 poplars in Christchurch meadows.

As most GLOBE members will know, Reading Borough council are preparing the Christchurch meadows site for the building of a new Pedestrian/Cycle bridge.

Getreading have written an article on their website which talks about the felling of 7 poplar of the 70 poplar trees that run along the meadow and George street.

The poplars have been removed to allow an access point for building vehicles to be created coming off George street into the park.

22.10.2014 RBC contractors preparing site access to Christchurch meadows via George street.
22.10.2014 RBC contractors preparing site access to Christchurch meadows via George street.

As mentioned in the Article, GLOBE has been part of the discussions regarding these trees. The line of poplars are a well known landmark in Caversham and can be seen for miles. Therefore GLOBE members have been pushing RBC to maintain this landmark.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

“According to the council, the row of poplars is around 30 years old and the trees, nearing the end of their safe life, are susceptible to disease.

Three trees fell during strong winds last winter.

The council has already held discussions with Caversham Globe, the Save Christchurch Meadows group and Reading Tree Wardens about replacing these trees with new Lombardy poplars.”

Source: Getreading website article.

The rest of the article can be read by clicking on the following link here.